Dubai Sand Skiing

Many places donít have snow but they do have a form of skiing. Sand skiing has become a very popular sport in the Dubai desert. You will begin your adventure in a 4 wheel drive as you are taken or you drive yourself to the top of a dune. There you will get out and grab your skis or your sand board. The skiing areas are located in Hatta.

If you are person with a high sense of adventure, you will not want to miss this opportunity to go skiing down one of the highest dunes in Hatta. There are special skis that you will need for skiing on sand. You can leave the world behind you when you begin skiing down the slope with the wind blowing in your hair. This is a sport if you love speed and you can find the large dunes between Dubai and Hatta. If you have been skiing before on snow, this is something similar to that. It would like having all year round skiing at your finger tips.

Sand skiing is one of the greatest crazes in the Dubai desert and the Middle East. You will have to have lots of energy. But you also need to have protection from the sun. You should wear some light colored clothing and some kind of hat with a brim. You will also need some sunscreen to keep from getting burnt.

While you are on the way to the dunes, you will be able to take in the sites. They have some pretty waterfalls, and a wonderful renovated Fort. You will also be able to go through the Wadi Hatta where you can see the wildlife and beautiful greenery. You will drive to the ancient fortress of the Village of Hatta. You will then to continue driving through the mountains and viewing the wonderful landscaping. The pools of Hatta have rocks that are beautifully colored and then there are the wonderful waterfalls. After touring all this beauty, you will be ready for a great lunch.

When you are looking for adventure and fun, this is the place to go. If you have never been snow skiing before and would like to try it, you could try sand skiing where it is warm instead of cold and if you do fall down the only thing you may hurt is your pride. Although the two sports are very much alike they are different. It is really different to ski during hot weather. Sand skiing is a unique experience that you donít want to miss out on. The next time you want something to do then you can you can try some sand skiing on some of the most beautiful sand dunes that you have ever encountered. It is time to let your hair down and have some wild fun in the sun. Take a chance, put your sand boards on and begin sliding down the slope. Donít miss out on an opportunity to do something new and take a journey that will lead to a wonderful adventure of a lifetime. Have fun in the Sun and donít forget to grab your sunscreen.