Dubai Wadi Bashing

Adventure seekers from all over participate in an activity called Wadi Bashing. There are dry riverbeds that follow the steams, and they flow through the rocky valleys. These riverbeds are known as the Wadis. When you ride through the wadis in a four wheeler, that is what is known as Wadi bashing. If you really want to get adventurous, you can the tour. The routes have a lot of twists and turns in them to make them more exciting and riveting. That is the reason why a 4 wheeler is good for this type of trip. If you donít have a 4 wheeler, you can rent one from somewhere in town. They will even service your car to handle the tough terrain.

The tour can be taken from April to October. The tour not only includes Wadi bashing but also surfing. Although water surfing is not the most popular thing to do in the Dubai desert, it is tried by a huge number of tourists. When you go Wadi bashing, it is a great time to go exploring. You will be able to see the rocky flower beds, some wonderful waterfalls, and the mountains. If you are lucky, you may even get to see some of the tribes that live in the region.

As with everything, there are some rules that will need to be followed. These rules are for your protection because it is very risky driving through the desert. An experienced driver should always accompany you. Although this is a risky adventure, you can still have fun. There should be some equipment with you as well. Some of those things on the list should be shovels, spades, tow cables. Jack, food and water or other kinds of drinks in case you need it. Camping gear as well such as a tent sleeping bag should be included. Just in case, you may even need a spare tire. All these things should with you in case you break down or have an accident. Remember safety first. While you are Wadi bashing, you can do some sightseeing.

If you are looking for fun and adventure, you might want to consider taking the opportunity to do so Wadi Bashing while you are visiting Dubai. The tour will add extra adventure for you in the long run. Although it is a bit dangerous, because you are actually driving on sand and a very rocky terrain, you need to have someone who has either driven this type of terrain before or you can have someone train you for driving on sand. Either way, you will be experience an adventure that you will be able to tell stories about for a lifetime. It is time to pack your things, and get ready to take the adventure of a lifetime. It would be fun with a group of people or on your honeymoon. It takes courage and spunk to be able to go bouncing down a riverbed in a 4 wheeler. Now it is time to go have some fun and let your hair down. Get ready for a bone shaking experience that you will be able to tell all your friends about.